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'HYEON SA' - Korean Soya Cat Litter

'Hyeon Sa' Soya Cat Litter 10 Litter

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These are the advantages of “Hyeon Sa”

-          This cat litter is made of tofu okara.

-          It has excellent absorbency and clumps up well.

-          Excellent deodorizing function minimizes inconvenience caused by odor

-          Coagulated sand can easily be released into the toilet and flushed off the toilet.

-          It is excellent for dust removal and cats respiratory disease prevention.


Usage Precautions

-          Be careful that children do not touch and eat. Pregnant women should refrain from handling it as much as possible.

-          It may be harmless for cats to eat, but if they consume large quantities, it may cause digestive issues. Please be careful.

-          Avoid direct sunlight after opening, please keep in a well-ventilated place.

-          When stored in a humid place, it may lead to breaking and reduced deodorizing/coagulating power. Please be careful.

-          Please be careful when disposing a large amount of sand at the time of disposal in the toilet, it may clog.

-          Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

-          Recycled tofu okara litter is harmless for cats to eat.

-          It is excellent for dust removal and cat respiratory disease prevention.


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