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TCW | Internal Balance Para-Expel

30 caps

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TCW Internal Balance Para-Expel

The organic alternative for eliminating parasites

Sizes available:
30 Capsules

My healthy pet’s TCW Internal Balance Para-Expel contains only all natural ingredients & is safe for dogs in all life stages, except for pregnant mothers, but safe for the mother once she has given birth, and even for her litter while she is nursing.

Helpful in eliminating:

• Round worm
• Tapeworms
• Hookworms
• Pinworms
• Blood fluke
• Intestinal parasiteswormersm2.jpg

Dosage instructions:

7 Days on
7 Days off
7 Days on



11-20lbs….....….…Administer orally ½ capsule

20-50lbs….....…… Administer orally 1 capsule

50-100lbs….......… Administer orally 2 capsule

Over 100lbs……… Administer orally 3 capsule

Cocos nucifera, allium sativum,curcubita moschata, torreya grandis, mentha poperita


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